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As a direct manufacturer, importing product for 28 years, my team and I understand global sourcing, product design and logistics. Now with our own factory, and sizable supply chain, we have complete control of your needs and budget for the appropriate design, manufacturing, procurement  and installation of of FF&E and OS&E for your project. We take pride in designing specific pieces that reflect your personal brand, and always in your project budget.

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Whether it is a distressed property re-branding, resort villas needing upgrades or a hotel needing to simply refresh rooms, we have embraced property renovations. While other firms turn their backs on these projects, we see a huge opportunity. With our experience in planning, construction renovations, as well as resources as a supplier, manufacturer and of course the overall interior design, owner's love our budget numbers and ability to act quickly, handling all process.  We present a plan as to not experience much down time for facilities which means loss in revenue. We are very sensitive to this. Also, our history through the years with building and now remodeling 224 luxury resort villas, has proven a truly rewarding path. Focusing on full service, a turnkey process branding. "Branding" is always a key element in the process that other firms do not focus on. Always in the forefront; how can we make your property different? What can be it's signature and what can we do to make the guests have an amazing personal experience that brings them back...

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  • Real estate acquisition process
  • Brand development
  • Product development
  • Stakeholders Representative
  • Conceptual design
  • Turnkey Interior Design
  • FF&E, OS&E  procurement
  • FF&E, OS&E supplier /manufacturer 
  • Construction budget management
  • Sales & Marketing development
  • Property launch event planning

Recently involved in private club renovations as well as re-branded clubs, we focus on the fact that the remodel should not only excite existing members but attract new.  Realistically, owners renovate to bring in new members and more revenue to the club. This is a marketing opportunity for the club as well as an update of trends and style. As a key consultant we focus on both, and understand  the true expectations of the owners. A seasoned professional can assist in this clubhouse renovation process in phases, so the facilities are still operational and members are not completely inconvenienced.  As areas are remodeled and become operational again, an opportunity is there for new marketing and events to introduce the new areas and again, will bring in additional revenue. If the club has history, by all means this is an opportunity to highlight that in your renovation vision. An important element to old members as well as new.

Proud of our history of award winning luxury destination resort projects as well as destination resort vacation villas. "Great" conceptual design embraces the properties finest elements of the destination and brand, mixed with today's industry trends. More importantly, it heightens the senses by speaking to the guests. Creating memorable interiors that say "relax and enjoy your experience with us".  That is what we do even in our interiors.  Our focus, is delivering projects on a more personal level.



Taking a close look at 28 years of success in destination resort hospitality projects. Smith has brought her experience as a professional in real estate, planning, design, construction and branding to key developers. She has focused on projects where she can drive a full brand experience to create a memorable and personal project that has hit all touch points for the owner. As a consultant, and part of the initial ground breaking team, to facilitate across all departments and work on the overall brand product design development.